Small Business Services Policy

This policy applies to all Hillman B2 clients/customers that order a design and/or creative writing service. The purpose of the Hillman B2 Small Business Services Policy is to ensure effective scheduling of contractors and minimize turnaround time. Clients/Customers are encouraged to start their transaction (Scope of Work) only when they are fully prepared to complete the process.

I. Payment

There are two payment choices: Pay in full upon ordering for a 10% (non-combined) discount, or make a 50% deposit upon ordering and pay the remaining balance within 5 days of receiving a verbal or written notification of completion.

II. Refunds

Once the Scope of Work begins payments are NONREFUNDABLE and can only be applied as a service credit towards a Hillman B2 design or creative writing service, at current pricing. Service credits must be used within thirty days of making payment.

III. Content Submission

All images, documents, and information that is needed for the completion of the Scope of Work must be submitted prior to the project being started or developed.

IV. Design Direction Approval

If a website is ordered, once the client/customer approves the Design Direction (site design theme), any changes after the approval will be subject to a Maintenance Plan or, if appropriate, an hourly billing rate.

V. Perpetual Agreement

By making a payment to Hillman B2 for services, the client/customer fully understands and agrees with this policy. The client/customer also understands and agrees that this policy applies to future transactions with Hillman B2.

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